Tough Love – My Fitness Journey

It just dawned on me that I’ve been in the fitness industry for the last few years and haven’t shared my personal story yet. With that being said, I’m going to briefly share with you what I’ve experienced the last 32 years and who knows, maybe you’ve had similar experiences or might even be feeling the same way right now?

As a kid and a teenager, I was always pretty spoiled in the fitness department, because I played sports daily. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, roller hockey, biking, football, etc. You name it, I played it. All of them on organized teams as well. Then it got to the point where I was going to football in my hockey gear, baseball in my basketball uniform, etc. So I narrowed it down to just football, hockey, baseball and basketball by junior high, and finally just hockey and baseball by high school.

Fast forward to college (2003-2010) and I continued to play hockey and baseball. I played hockey both for Gonzaga University and in the local men’s leagues here in Spokane. I was on the ice about 4-6 times per week. I typically play hockey year round and then played in a local men’s hardball league as well. With all of that activity you would think that I would be in good shape right? Wrong, because I had somehow gone from 185 pounds in high school to about 235 pounds.¬†Despite all of my efforts in the gym, on the ice and on the field; I just couldn’t seem to get the physique I wanted and didn’t know what was happening.

I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2010 and moved to California to live with some family and get a break from the Pacific Northwest. So I was 25 years old and probably in the worst shape of my life. I still continued to play both hockey, baseball and went to the gym regularly. Thankfully both of my cousins that I was staying with were pretty active guys and one actually played in the NFL and XFL. They introduced me to P90X and if a former Division 1 NCAA and NFL athlete tells me something is legit, I’m going to take his word for it. My oldest cousin is also full-blooded Italian and just calls it how he sees it. And he literally called me fat! Kind of a blow to my ego for sure, but I knew I need to do something about the shape I was in.

After about four or five months I got kind of home sick and moved back to the Pacific Northwest. So I took my copy of P90X with me, courtesy of my cousins, and I kind of fell into my old habits of not really working out. Problem was that I loved playing sports and didn’t really care for the mundane exercises. Then one night, I kind of hit rock bottom in the fitness department. I was always tired, ate crap food, and just didn’t plain feel good. I happened to be up late watching TV and saw an infomercial for P90X. For whatever reason I kept watching and after seeing all of the results the people in show were getting, it really motivated me. I mean, what was my excuse? I already had a pull-up bar, resistance bands and a copy of P90X from my cousins. So the next day, I wanted to take it a step further and I went out and bought PowerBlock Dumbbells to ensure that I would really commit to this.

I’ll admit that I probably stopped and started the 90 day program a couple of dozen times the next few years. I saw some results and would still continue to go to the gym as well, but it wasn’t until about 2012-2013 when I really started to make some big changes in my fitness and nutrition routine. I got hooked on a few nutrition documentaries on Netflix and just couldn’t stop watching. I wanted to learn everything I could health, fitness and wellness related. Those documentaries also caused me to start this blog back in the fall of 2012.

Then in the fall of 2014, I finally made the jump to the fitness field and decided to pursue what I was truly passionate about. Fast forward a little bit further and November 2015, would be a huge month for me personally and professionally. I partnered up with a hockey buddy and decided to become a BeachBody Coach so that I can help anyone and everyone, no matter where they live. I also realize that not everyone can come work with me at the gym either. So being an online coach as well as a coach in the gym seemed like a really good fit for me. On top of this partnership, I also obtained my Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

So here we are now, present day. I’m 32 years old and in the best shape of my life. I went from an unhealthy 235 lbs and 30% body fat to 215 lbs and 15% body fat. My goal is to get down to a lean 12% body fat. I could care less what my weight is at this point, but I do want to stay above 200 lbs. And now my purpose in life is to help others get in the best shape of their lives. Whether it’s online, in person, in the gym, via text, via messenger, etc. However you want to get a hold of me, I’m happy to help however I can. In a silly way I kind of owe it all to BeachBody and P90X, because that’s where my true fitness journey began about 6-7 years ago.

You’re probably asking why does he have that Shakeology video and photo attached to this post? Well that’s also a part of my partnership with BeachBody. Shakeology is an awesome super-food shake that I started drinking back in November 2015. Not only does it support lean muscle growth, but it is also packed with more nutrients than any other shake out there. Protein powders are all over the market and most claim to build muscle and have “clean ingredients,” but I highly doubt that they do. For starters, 99% of them use sucralose as an artificial sweetener and Shakeology uses stevia, a natural sweetener found in plants. Speaking of plants, Shakeology is packed with plants and if you read my previous blog or done any nutritional research, we as a society need to get to eating more plant based foods.

So are you always tired, unhappy with your physique, want to lose weight, etc. or just plain feel better? Then you are probably missing something in your diet and this stuff can truly help you get back on track internally and externally. I’m usually super skeptical of this stuff and don’t buy into 95% of what’s out there, but if you do your research or would like to research the ingredients of Shakeology. Go ahead, I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I have been the last year and a half.


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