Too good to be true?

3843779623_fe97d90d33_oIf something sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.

There are thousands of workout plans, exercises and “miracle diet pills” out there. So which one is right for you?

It should be common knowledge that there are NO miracle diets or pills that are going to get you the results you are hoping for. Hate to break it to ya and for whatever reason many of us buy into these fallacies and “pipe dreams.” Hydroxycut and every other pill out there that claims to help you lose weight with no effort, is just someone tricking you into buying their worthless product. Some may actually see results, but be cautious about the ingredients and do your research. These could actually be doing you more harm than good. For example, ingredients like ephedra will cause your heart to work unnecessarily hard and potential chest pain.

Supplements and vitamins do help, but the only true way to lose weight and/or build muscle is through natural dieting and exercise. If it was truly as simple as taking a pill, then everyone would be fit and skinny. Real results take work and dedication.

I personally do recommend supplements and vitamins, because these are not going to hurt you and can only help you in conjunction with your dieting and exercising. Everyone should at least be taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil complex and protein in the form of shakes, bars such as Clif Builder Bars, eggs, chicken and other lean meats. As far as the rest of your diet goes, just try to eliminate processed foods and buy organic or get as close to the source of that food as you can. The further it travels, or the more it is “inspected” by the FDA, the more chemicals and processing your food has endured.

In regards to workouts, there are tons of options out there. Everything from the silly Sit and Be Fit on public TV to CrossFit, Insanity, P90X, Bow-Flex, Total Gym and the list could go on and on. I definitely think the trend is shifting towards the in-home workouts, because they are more convenient and conscious of limited space.

It used to be that you bought a Bow-Flex, a Total Gym or a treadmill and it just turned into something that got buried in clutter or laundry. Now with workouts like Insanity and P90X, all you really need are resistance bands and a yoga mat. Or you can be hardcore and add a set of free weights.

I personally enjoy the P90X and have been doing those workouts for the last few years. I purchased a set of free weights, a yoga mat, tried the pull-up bar, but found that I prefer resistance bands and then of course your P90X videos.

Doesn’t take much to get going anymore and there is honestly no excuse to not lead an active lifestyle these days. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home! Or you can be addicted like I am and workout at home, at the gym and by playing recreational sports.

What are your favorite home workouts? Has anyone tried P90X, Insanity or CrossFit? I’m really curious about CrossFit as they feature classes and despite being expensive, it seems to be the latest craze.


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