The Madness Has Begun

20081206_Crisler_Arena_fan_celebration_after_Duke_victoryEveryone loves March Madness. Over ranked and overrated teams match-up against these supposed underdogs. College sports are now becoming just as mainstream as professional sports these days thanks to the media. Speaking of which, I think the NCAA now has more scandals occurring than professional leagues. Just a little fun fact about corruption in these “respected universities.”

So we all get our brackets ready and try to predict the upsets and which legitimate teams will make it to the big dance aka the Final Four. Personally, that’s my favorite part of March Madness is seeing the upsets. I’m one of those few people who don’t really have a favorite team, because athletes change teams more than their jock straps these days. I love seeing the underdogs and the little guys succeed in all sports.

It’s hilarious when billion dollar teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Red Wings and big name schools like Duke, USC, Florida, etc lose. Probably it’s because they are “supposed” to win since they have invested so much money into their programs only to lose to teams they should dominate. That’s what makes sports exciting and keeps us coming back for more. It’s not fun if they same teams win championships every year and any given team can win on any given day.

Meanwhile a lot of the other major sports are in full swing as well. The NBA and NHL are gearing up for the playoffs within the next month or so and the MLB is in spring training.

Lots of exciting stuff if you have been following the news lately, because the Miami Heat of the NBA have won 25 straight games (streak is still active) and the Chicago Blackhawks broke an NHL record by recording a point in 24 consecutive games. Their record was 21-0-3 before their first regulation loss, which is pretty impressive in hockey. A lot of people don’t understand the points system in hockey so there was a lot of controversy over which winning streak was more impressive.

I personally think it’s ridiculous when people or these so-called “sports analysts” try to compare one sport to another. Or Michael Jordan to LeBron James or Wayne Gretzky to Sidney Crosby. There’s no comparison to be made. You can compare stats and numbers all you want, but each situation, player and sport is unique and radically different.

ESPN and NBC Sports must be getting bored, because they keep drawing up these insane statistics such as LeBron James scores more points on every third Friday of the month on the road and when wearing a particular brand of shoes. Just show us the highlights like you used to and be entertaining again. Because of this over-analyzing, I feel that it takes the fun away from the sports themselves and places even more unnecessary pressure on these. I guess that’s why they get paid millions though and everything is video taped again and again. Life in the fish bowl where these “sports nerds” get to criticize you when they have never played a sport in their entire life.

That’s probably the only good thing happening in the media lately is that a lot of ex-players are becoming commentators and it’s nice to hear someone with real experience analyze the games.

With all of that being said, what are your predictions? Who will take home the NCAA, NBA and NHL Championships? Kid President made his NCAA picks and you can view his entertaining video here.


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  1. The Heat were huge in game 7 against the Celtics, one of the best bestakball games I have seen in a long time! Sports is at it’s best right now, NHL, MLB, NBA, they have all been very intense games. Even soccer is making a splash with some fans, as well. The Heat are going to shock the Thunder you watch!!

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