Supplements are a billion dollar industry. Why? Most likely, because they do work and partly that everyone is in search of a “magic pill” that will help them lose weight or be fit.

Some of us use them and some are banned from professional sports; because of their performance enhancing qualities. However, they are quite main-stream these days and I think most fitness experts would agree that anyone on an exercise program should be taking a multivitamin and protein at the very least.

Others would argue that they are not regulated by the FDA, so they cannot be trusted. I completely disagree as the FDA and USDA are the ones that cannot be trusted, but that’s an entirely different discussion. Research is key and do your homework. You will always find good and bad information about everything on the internet. There are always “haters” out there who bash things, because of their “bad experiences.” So make sure you find a credible source and research the ingredients of what you are ingesting.

As I mentioned earlier, everyone should be taking multivitamins to maintain basic health, because most of us do not get all of our necessary vitamins from our daily diets. However, not just any multivitamin will do. Don’t waste your time with Centrum or any other one that can be purchased in bulk. Instead, go with an evidence-based multivitamin from a trusted nutrition or supplement store. That mass-produced stuff is full of fillers and falsified nutrition facts.

The other one that I mentioned is protein powder and it has been around forever. I remember taking this 10-12 years ago when I was in high school and trying to gain weight. Now that I’m older, I’m trying to trim down and “lean out.” If you are in the same boat as me or trying to lose weight, be sure to get a protein isolate or meal replacement shake. The replacement shakes can be used as a healthy alternative to snacking or a great addition to other healthy meal choices..

Other items on my intake list include Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy, which is a supplement that has our essential amino acids and almost all of us miss these in our daily diets. It also has Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin C and natural caffeine from green tea extracts for energy throughout the day. Amino acids also help with recovery from workouts, so I highly recommend them.

Other options and extras include omega and fish oil complexes, collagen and chondroitin complexes, etc. and these are good for your joints, skin, recovery, etc. as well.

I’ve personally researched these items, use them regularly, and feel that they are all healthy options for me. They have also helped me maintain energy throughout the day. Especially the Amino Energy. Energy drinks and 5-Hour energy have all caused me to crash after they wear off. Not to mention how toxic they are for your body. Better to go with the natural options for energy.

Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to supplements. So keep this in mind as well. Also, be sure to take supplements that are in line with your goals.

What do you take for your fitness goals? Want some suggestions on where to start? Follow my fitness page or message me.