National Nutrition Month


According to the “Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,” also known as “AND,” March is National Nutrition Month.

Their goal is to help people learn better eating habits. So “AND” named this month as such to educate, inform and encourage better habits.

I think this is great and all, but feel that these “organizations” take “cutesy” and passive approaches to what really is an epidemic in our country. Other countries around the globe think of America as the “fat and overweight country.” Sad, but true.

We started out as an agricultural and “from the land” society. Our ancestors hunted animals and planted gardens for their well-being. Today, we live in such a delusional society where everything is instant and I’m guilty of this as well. Very impatient and we want it all, and want it now. However, when it comes to nutrition and food choices, please take your time and do not buy into greedy corporate America. Trust me, your health is worth it.

Fast and processed food is literally poison. Plain and simple. Has anyone ever seen the documentary “Super Size Me?” If not, I highly recommend it. There are also pictures and videos online of McDonald’s “food” that never spoils. You can’t call something that never spoils, food. And can you imagine what that does to your digestive system? I’ve personally heard stories from individuals who had a diet that consisted of fast food and take out. The majority of them ended up with some sort of digestive cancer. Again, sad, but true.

Basically these corporations are getting rich off of our ignorance, laziness, lack of education and slowly killing us at the same time. Is that morally right? Sounds pretty evil to me, but we live in a free country and to eat that garbage is a voluntary choice. Not to mention that we vote every time we make a purchase at a restaurant or the grocery store. We tell companies what to put in our neighborhoods and our stores with our purchasing habits. Supply and demand, simple as that.

This whole nutrition thing has been a battle for me for 30 years and counting. I think I’ve finally gotten it down with the help of changing the way I think about food. What sparked this change was watching a couple of documentaries on Netflix called Hungry for Change, Food Matters, GMO OMG, Farmageddon, Food Inc., etc. These documentaries will change your perspective on the food industry and open your eyes. I guarantee it.

Anyways, back to healthy eating habits. Why not put healthy snacks in your line of sight? Put them on the middle and top racks of your fridge, in your car, in your purse or backpack. The idea is in an “easy-to-reach” spot. Instead of leaving potato chips and crackers around, put out a bowl of fresh fruit and granola bars. You will eventually enjoy these foods, because that’s what you’re surrounding yourself with. Then track your intake with cool apps like My Fitness Pal.

Not only is it important to surround yourself with healthy foods, but surround yourself with healthy people. They will help motivate you in terms of exercise and eating habits. Eating has always been a social activity. So why not share it with people who have similar goals and interests? Success and attitudes are contagious.

If all of this is a little intense for you, then try to make one meal a day that contains only fresh or frozen unprocessed ingredients. After all, we know how addictive processed food is. It was designed to be that way and is difficult to go “cold turkey.”

Studies prove foods like Doritos are scientifically engineered to make us not feel full so that we just keep eating them until the bag is gone. This ABC news story also supports this claim. Long story short, scientifically engineered and processed food send “happy signals” to the brain and that’s why we are left always wanting more. Pretty sneaky and evil eh?

So why not try a whole-foods approach for at least one meal today? It could inspire others to do the same.

Also, feel free to share your success stories. What works for you? Do you use any calorie counting or fitness tracking apps?


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