Five Reasons You Should do Kettlebell Swings

10464205_10100151957912203_2062187970194071967_nKettlebells are becoming more and more popular as a workout tool and you can now find kettlebells just about anywhere these days. You can even buy them with cool designs with King Kong’s face or a zombie’s face on them.

In light of this, one of the very best exercises you can do is the basic kettlebell swing.

There are two different types of kettlebell swings. The first is traditional Russian-style where the kettlebell goes to about shoulder-height and the second is American-style where the kettlebell goes straight over your head.

Watch this quick video if you want to see a kettlebell swing in action.

Now that you have a good background on the kettlebell, here are some reasons why you should do KB swings on a regular basis:

1. Works your entire body. KB swings give you a full body workout in just one single exercise, working nearly your entire lower body, your core, back, shoulders and more.

2. Incredibly efficient. Not only will KB swings get you stronger, they’ll also get your heart rate up in a short amount of time, making them one of the best all around exercises you can do.

3. Helps you function better in life. KB swings train muscles a lot closer to how you move in your every day life versus traditional core exercises like crunches and sit ups. This makes them a highly functional exercise that will help you with everything from doing yard work, to traveling for business and playing with your kids.

4. They can help reduce back pain & injuries. While much of traditional resistance training does little to train the lower back muscles, kettlebell swings are great for this. They may also help you avoid or reduce injuries and pain that results from having a weak core. However, don’t do too many at once when you’re first starting out, because you may end up aggravating those unused muscles. Doing 10-12 reps two to three times is a great starting place for most.

5. They’re great for conditioning & fat burning. KB swings are considered a high intensity exercise, which means you’ll get conditioned and burn fat in less time versus a traditional moderate intensity exercise. Try 100 swings in a row and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Try adding kettlebell swings to your daily workouts for an effective workout that requires minimal equipment!



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