Do you struggle to find time for exercise?

Yoga_Class_at_a_GymI think most of us would say yes to that question. Between work, kids, school, hobbies and so on; when do we schedule that much-needed exercise? Before work, on lunch breaks or after work? Sometimes even those aren’t options in our busy lives. We live in a “time poor” society where a lot of external forces are competing for our valuable time and energy.

I’m one of those crazy people who exercises six to seven days a week. Whether it be playing sports, hitting the gym, running trails, biking or doing P90X at home. However, the “nine to fivers” have work and that gets in the way by eating up our time and energy.

When I was in college I would exercise in between class or in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping. Most of us don’t have that luxury and with a standard work schedule, that’s virtually impossible.

So when do you find time for exercise? As I mentioned earlier, most of us just have to find energy before work, on lunch or after work.

A lot of companies and organizations are realizing this is a problem and the even bigger problem is their employee’s health. Let’s face it, our country is extremely unhealthy and as a result medical costs and sick days have been increasing every year. Organizations also invest a lot of time and money into their staff and need to do something about this problem.

How do they get a return on their investment? By implementing healthier practices and standards into the work day. Some organizations offer employees longer lunch periods to exercise in the middle of the day or they even have workout facilities and personal trainers on site. Personally, my peak energy time is in the middle of the day or early afternoon versus my college schedule, when it was in the late evening.

Companies such as TRX, offer incredible amenities for their staff. At most companies the concept of work-life balance requires segregating what’s important to the business and what’s important to the employee. This isn’t the case at TRX, because they want their staff to be in the best shape possible to deliver increased work performance. Employees regularly leave for extended workouts or to attend one of four exercise classes held on-site every day. You may be asking when do these people get their work done? Any work missed during the day gets done in the evenings when it’s dark or on the weekends when they aren’t tempted to run or bike outside. Their customer service department has extra staff on hand to cover those who are gone exercising. TRX employees don’t sit in office chairs. They work at standing desks or sit on exercise balls. The kitchens offer an assortment of energy bars, nuts, dried fruit and heavy-duty blenders for protein shakes. This atmosphere may sound excessive, but the inhabitants of this facility claim it’s inspiring and motivating.

With that being said, let’s talk about that desk job where you’re confined to your chair for hours on end? Do employers realize that comfy office chair is slowly killing their employees? Sitting for extended periods of time decreases your life span, increases your chances of gaining weight and your odds of developing cancer.

Numerous studies have proven that the better shape your staff is in, the more productive they will be. The benefits of regular exercise are endless. Some of them include increased energy, reduced stress, decreased sick time, facilitates better moods, improves learning and intelligence, decreases the chance of disease such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, and the list could go on forever.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of that chair or off that couch and be active! Take the stairs, make regular trips to other employee’s offices rather than calling or emailing them and take every opportunity you can think of to get up and move around the office. Or if moving more around the office isn’t enough, there are a ton of in-home workout programs and you truly have no excuse when you’re at home. Everyone can workout in their living room, spare room, basement, etc.

Thanks for reading and please share any comments about the fitness or healthy amenities at your work place.


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