Big Games

Seattle_Seahawks_2009_playersBeen a while since I wrote about actual sports. Kind of focused on fitness and nutrition these days. So back to sports we go!

There were some big games this last weekend in the NFL. The NBA and NHL are in full swing. College Bowl games are over and done with. March Madness is right around the corner. Busy time of year for the billion dollar sports industry.

Speaking of the NFL, in my opinion this will be one of the most entertaining Super Bowls in recent memory. Last year was pretty cool having the Harbaugh brothers duke it out. I was glad to see Ray Lewis win a ring in his final season (despite what folks think about him, the guy is a beast) and the less animated Harbaugh brother win. For whatever reason Jim is just plain crazy as the 49ers head coach. I don’t remember him being that nuts in his playing days as a QB for the Bears and Colts.

Anyways, I could be biased, because I’m from the Inland Northwest and naturally rooting for the Seahawks as they advanced to their second Super Bowl in franchise history. Will be interesting to see if they can actually close this time and not blame officiating for the loss to the Steelers nearly eight years ago. However, I always like rooting for the underdog in all sports really. So who’s the underdog this year? Probably still the Hawks, despite having the best record in the NFL, because the Broncos are led by a for sure Hall Of Fame QB. Guess we’ll let Vegas decide the “official odds” though.

As for the AFC, I’m actually really glad that the Broncos made it in with Peyton Manning‘s help. That guy amazes me. His level of intelligence and coming back from all of those neck surgeries is just remarkable. Most people had written him off and figure retirement was around the corner. Including the Indianapolis Colts. Who’s laughing now?

In light of that, I’ll be happy for either team that wins this year. Probably a little more for the Seahawks though as they need to end the “Kurt Cobain Curse.” For those from this area know what I’m talking about. Very similar to Boston’s “Curse of the Bambino” and Chicago Cubs curse with that fan who interfered with Moises Alou in the MLB playoffs years ago. Legend has it that until they find Kurt Cobain’s “killer,” all Inland Northwest teams will be cursed ha! Let’s hope that ends on February 2, 2014 and the Seattle Mariners will follow along with the Sonics coming back and an NHL team as well. In our dreams eh?

Speaking of Seattle, how about Richard Sherman and the “interview heard round the world?” So funny how many folks were truly rattled and took this guy seriously. He’s practically a genius from Stanford, contributes a ton to charities and even has his own charity, and is the best in the NFL at his position. Look it up. Stats don’t lie. Not only that, but because of his hilarious actions, he added 300,000 new Twitter followers in less than 24-hours. Talk about marketing yourself! Professional marketers would kill for those kind of results ha!

Lastly, check out the mic’d up videos of what Sherman actually said to Crabtree. Who’s the “thug” now America? Check out this other blog that proves what was actually said.

With all of this being said, what are your Super Bowl predictions? How about NBA, March Madness and NHL predictions?


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