You may be wondering what “EDSO” is. Well I watched at TED Talk a little while back and it’s an acronym that helped me remember the “happy chemicals” that occur in our bodies; endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. When we Continue reading EDSO

Professional Sports Problems

I initially wrote this after game one of the Stanley Cup Finals and then thought about writing it again after the Penguins won, but decided to wait a few days. In doing so, I found that I still feel this Continue reading Professional Sports Problems

6 Ways to Make Sure You Get a Workout In

We’re all busy or we have kids, careers, obligations, hobbies, etc. Truth is that most of us don’t enjoy exercise, but if you can make it enjoyable and make it a priority, then you will achieve your goals. So here’s Continue reading 6 Ways to Make Sure You Get a Workout In