Foods That Reduce Stress

Most people struggle with balancing personal life with work. The pressure of getting everything done can be overwhelming. All of that stress can lead to other issues, including high blood pressure and depression. More importantly, stress leads to making poor food choices. When you Continue reading Foods That Reduce Stress

Make Your Own Luck

Luck is not really a plan, but you can set yourself up for it by creating more opportunities. Sound too good to be true? Here are 13 ways to make it happen: 1. Forget superstition. If a great opportunity arises out Continue reading Make Your Own Luck

10 Reasons to Bike at Night

Before I turned 16, the only way that I got around was by bike or rollerblading. Fast forward 13 years and I’m back to those modes of transportation for fun and exercise. Given my rekindled love for biking, I’ve also Continue reading 10 Reasons to Bike at Night

How are those “New Years Resolutions” going?

So how are those “promises” or “resolutions” that you made three months ago going? If you’re like most; you might be losing steam, motivation or whatever excuse you can muster up. Most gyms are still experiencing a steady flow of Continue reading How are those “New Years Resolutions” going?

March is National Nutrition Month

According to the “Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,” also known as “AND,” March is National Nutrition Month. Their goal is to help people learn better eating habits. So “AND” named this month as such to educate, inform and encourage better habits. Continue reading March is National Nutrition Month